This past Saturday, Winter Storm Jonas lived up to the hype and dumped a brutal amount of snow on the Northeastern United States. New York is the “City That Never Sleeps”, but only if Mother Nature allows it, as the always-active metropolis was stop dead in its tracks for a day. Sure, Jonas ruined everybody’s plans on Saturday and forced people to be recluses in their homes, but the blizzard provided a much-needed break for the city. For once, tranquility existed outside my East Village apartment. There wasn’t any honking, traffic, or commotion caused by drunk douchebags hanging out at the bars across the street. I was actually able to chill in my room in a calming silence.

During the afternoon, I grew curious about the conditions outside, so I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, bringing along my camera to document Jonas’ fury. Living in New York for several years now, I’ve grown accustomed to the constant noise and crowds, so it was eerie to see the streets dormant. However, I didn’t have a problem with it. There’s a lot of pressure living in this bubble called New York, from professional, personal, and social, and sometimes you just need a break from it all. Jonas was Mother Nature’s way of saying to “chill the f*ck out” to the entire city. Since you practically couldn’t do anything on Saturday, you can simply relax.

There were a small number of people roaming around, some who were curious of the snow and others who still had to have their basic weekend brunches even during a blizzard. Even so, 95% of the businesses were closed, making the East Village a ghost town. I trudged down St. Marks towards Tompkins Square Park, where I found the most activity. There were bunch of kids and parents playing in the snow, making snowmen, and sledding down small hills. It was a great site as it represented a enjoyment in it’s simplest form.

The next day, I went up to Central Park to observe the scenery and New York woke up from its rare nap. The crowds were out, the cars were back on the road, and the city sounds filled the air.

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Rex Pham

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