As a brand, The Hundreds doesn’t get as much shine as others in streetwear (i.e. Supreme) even though it’s been around for 15 years. This is quite an impressive feat as many brands in the same time frame have sold out to mainstream distribution and lost its independence (i.e. Ecko, LRG) or fallen victim to irrelevance (i.e. too many to name). Led by founders Bobby Hundreds and Ben Hundreds, the brand has sustained longevity by maintaining significant self-awareness. If you’ve heard of any narratives produced by Bobby Hundreds, he’s a super smart guy who puts a significant thought behind everything related to The Hundreds. It’s a clothing line that celebrates community and people, which creates a sense of legacy behind it. This really differentiates it from other brands who are purely out to capitalize on hype and exclusivity.

As The Hundreds celebrates its 15th birthday, it’s also going through some major changes to its business. In true Bobby Hundreds form, he put together a two-part video essay documenting the “Past and Future”. The first part speaks on the closing of The Hundreds store in San Francisco and the following counters this end of an era with a fresh beginning for the first ever store on Rosewood Avenue in Los Angeles. It’s a very poignant piece by Bobby and accurately reflects what The Hundreds brand has been about all these years.  Watch them below.


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