Back in 2009, video production group The Cinemart traveled to Wynwood, Miami with the late urban visionary Tony Goldman to document his efforts in reinventing the neighborhood with street art and entrepreneurial innovation. The video project “Here Comes the Neighborhood” follows Goldman’s dedication to transform the former industrial sector of Miami into one of the most art-centric neighborhoods in the country.  “Here Comes the Neighborhood” also shows the power of public art and how it can rejuvenate an area by injecting personality, color, and energy. One of Goldman’s most significant initiatives, the Wynwood Walls, has brought global acclaim to the area. The revitalization of Wynwood was actually considered the fastest neighborhood turnaround in American history.

Street art (graffiti) has evolved from being a social detriment to an accepted art form that represents urban/ city culture. As demonstrated by the progress made in Wynwood and various other neighborhoods across the world, street art can have more positive effects than negative. Ultimately, great street art spreads creativity to its surrounding locale, which can inspire its residents and bring people and business to the neighborhood.

“Here Comes the Neighborhood” was released in 2011 and you can check out the video series here. The Cinemart recently released an overarching trailer titled “Walls of Change”, which took over six years to produce, as it captures the work of over 25 of the world’s most recognized artists as they paint Wynwood. Watch the video below.

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