Popular photo editing program VSCO has made recent strategic moves to progress towards being a lifestyle brand by developing original content around personal stories, music, and fashion. As a brand built on stimulating and resonating imagery, VSCO leveraged its creative strengths to create engaging editorials across branded channels like Venue. Venue is VSCO’s new space for documenting and exposing vital new music, and it recently linked up with Majid Jordan.


(Excerpt from Venue) 

Coming straight from the airport with their North American tour in full swing, Toronto duo Majid Jordan — Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman — stopped by the VSCO NYC studio for a portrait shoot and talked about what it’s like to leave where you’ve been to journey somewhere new.

( Q ) — Your backgrounds are diverse — musically, geographically, in every way.
( M ) — But we’re very similar. I think that that only helps us benefit each other. You know, the differences that we have are only positives. And that’s what I enjoy the most about working with Jordan. It’s that every difference is an addition that I’ve been missing in my life, that I needed. I learn more about it every day.

( Q ) — How would you say that your music has evolved since your beginnings, when you were making music in your dorm room?
( J ) — It’s just gotten more concise, in my opinion. The way we make music hasn’t really changed at all…. But I feel like we’re opening our eyes to this world that we’re trying to paint. We’re seeing more of the world, and so that leads to more music and more concise music…. Every idea is important to us. We don’t just make music for the sake of trying to complete an album.

( M ) — And I’m still that excited about it. How else has it changed? I think it’s even integrating more elements of visual and marrying the sound with image. And then incorporating it into a live stage. Now that we’re touring, I’m thinking about, how can this translate live?

( Q ) — Did those early days prepare you for now?
( M ) — Everyone I consider on this tour with us is an extension of us. I don’t consider myself an individual on this tour. I consider myself a part of Majid Jordan, this identity that Jordan and I have created together, because we wouldn’t have existed without meeting one another. People often ask us, are you the producer? Are you the singer? It doesn’t really matter, because at the end of the day, Jordan contributes to writing in a way that wouldn’t happen if I was just singing and writing by myself, and if he were producing on his own.

( J ) — We’re always working together, so those boundaries get dropped. Music is something where people try to really categorize it, and we’re really trying to make a point that you don’t need to do that. You really don’t need to do that. And I feel like that’s where art in general is going. Music could be our hub to lead to many different forms of art, because just having that mentality of knowing that you don’t need to box yourself in to just being a producer. Like, I don’t sing, but maybe one day I will.

Check out photos on Venue’s site as well as its short video below.  Props to photographer Geordie Wood and videographer Wilson Cameron on the great work.

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