Being the fifth largest city in the world, Mexico City can be overwhelming for any visitor. However, I found it to be actually pretty calm for a humongous metropolis. Walking around Roma Norte, the streets were tranquil with little to no souls or automobiles filling the roads. I learned that most locals depart CDMX during the holidays, escaping to the beach cities like Cancun to relax. I’m fine with that.

I’ve been to the country of Mexico seven times prior, so I had a preconceived notion of the capital, which is something I usually try to avoid having. CDMX was far from it. The cityscapes and neighborhoods were very diverse as Poblado resembled modern Beverly Hills, Coyoacán possessed was rich in creativity, and outer boroughs presented the contrast in economic divide which I saw a lot of in my previous travels to Mexico. Being a large city, the culture is super rich, as you whip around the vast land experience so many different aspects the past and the present. Art is everywhere, food is fantastic, and the music makes everyone immediately stop and dance. One last thing, the mezcal will burn a whole in your liver.

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