I made my first post on UNCVR in January 2011 and back then, the site was a simple personal blog that focused on my musings of Los Angeles. I was eight months into my LA residency after leaving the deep-rooted familiarity and comfort of the Bay Area, and I used UNCVR as a diary for my newfound independence. At first, the challenge of building a new life produced a bit of anxiety, but it was greatly overshadowed by the excitement of starting a clean slate. Being on my own forced me to focus more on my self and interests, and from there, UNCVR was created.

I love culture and its building blocks like art, music, entertainment, and societal topics, so I was excited to live in a cultural hub like LA. The city introduced me to an abundance of new sights, sounds, and people, and I felt really inspired to share my experiences. Over time, I committed significant effort to evolve my lame personal blog into a decent resource for people learn more about LA’s niche cultures. I uncovered (hence the name) everything I thought was cool and promoted it through “genuine content”. As a creator, I felt satisfied when people found value in my work, and I was just happy to share my interests with others.

UNCVR went into hibernation went I moved to New York in 2012 for business school and stayed dormant until a couple months ago. One of the key takeaways I got from b-school was that I was capable of creating meaningful things, and the desire to create and be entrepreneurial reemerged not too long ago while sitting in a corporate office. I’m way smarter and savvy than I was fours years, especially in regards to digital content. Why not see what I can do with UNCVR now? I honestly don’t know if this site will gain any traction, but as an aspiring entrepreneur, I will beat myself if I don’t try. I just want to make cool stuff on my own terms, enlighten and inspire others, generate value, and maybe make some money while at it.

With that said, I would like to officially start a new chapter for UNCVR. One where the site matures to focus more on modern day cultural topics rather than constantly promoting parties (don’t worry, I’ll still post interesting events here and there). Also, UNCVR will strive to spark insightful conversations and introduce new perspectives. Lastly, I’m opening up UNCVR to others, allowing them to share their passions like I did when I first started this project. A lot of people I know have great ideas and opinions they want to share, but don’t necessarily have the appropriate channels to do so. I want to make turn UNCVR into a collective effort. Nowadays, content consumers value the voice of the relatable individual as much as, or even more than, a major media outlet. You can consider UNCVR a friend who’s excited to share with you.

Thanks for reading. Come back often, like the UNCVR Facebook page, and send me a note if you’re interested in contributing (

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Rex Pham

Originally from the Bay Area, who then moved to Los Angeles, then out to New York City. NYU Stern MBA c/o 2014. Inspired by the grind of NYC to create something that has value. Lover of all things digital, culture, and brand strategy.

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