Music is one of the few universal things that can seamlessly connect people of different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. It’s a form of communication that can be enjoyed regardless if you can understand what is said in song because rhythm and beats can stimulate anyone with a pulse. Travel Songs aims to connect cultures through the art of music.

Trekking all over the world to document, preserve, and conserve various art forms, Travel Songs showcases diverse artists and music genres through engaging multimedia, including photos, high definition video, and writing. Ultimately, Travel Songs hopes to bridge the gap between cultures and create a time capsule that can be enjoyed and understood by generations to come. The human connection is a vital part of the organization’s purpose, so in addition to documenting, it’s also giving back to the communities that embrace them by sharing its knowledge on music, art, and culture.

Travel Songs recently completed a documentary on the Andean region of Peru. The crew was on location filming for 10 days, mostly based out of Cusco, but traveling to surrounding regions as well to meet with the Q’eros and to see the Virgen del Carmen Festival. Along the way they met with several Peruvian artists.

“Peru is about connecting cultures through music. It shows the lives of people in Cusco as they face sociological changes such as a large influx in tourism and cultural influence from foreign travelers. It’s the story of a community as it chafes through the eyes of musicians in the region,” explains Creator and producer Zachary Humenik.

You can watch the full documentary below. Travel Songs won the Audience Appreciation Award at the 2015 Folk Music Film Festival for it. It’s great to see an organization leverage something as influential as music to enlighten the world. Travel Songs is also a band so peep their Soundcloud too.

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