NYZEE is a photo series by ZEEMUFFIN, a Pakistani born, New York raised DJ/Producer, featured on street wear brand The Hundreds’ website. The series is focused on showcasing the diverse neighborhoods of New York City.

ZEEMUFFIN’s first stop is Manhattan’s Chinatown. Bordered by the Lower East Side, Little Italy, and Tribeca, Manhattan’s Chinatown is the third largest Chinatown in NYC, falling behind those in Queens and Brooklyn, however, it’s still one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods being established around the 1840s.  The area is home to a ton of restaurants, grocery stores, ethnic retailers, and vendors selling fake designer goods. Walking around Chinatown can be pretty annoying and overwhelming with the locals and tourists flooding the sidewalks, but its worth the trip to get some delicious and cheap cuisine. It’s also an interesting neighborhood where the assimilation of American culture is almost minimal. Someone can come over from China and not have to learn a lick of English and still do fairly well as long as they stay between Canal and Worth Streets.

In my opinion, I like the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens a lot more because it feels a bit more authentic, but there’s still a unique mystique to the one in Manhattan.

Check out the rest of ZEEMUFFIN’s at The Hundreds.



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Rex Pham

Originally from the Bay Area, who then moved to Los Angeles, then out to New York City. NYU Stern MBA c/o 2014. Inspired by the grind of NYC to create something that has value. Lover of all things digital, culture, and brand strategy.