This is an excerpt from an enlightening editorial composed by eSports/ gaming industry professional  Jonathan Pan. He compares the similarities of the booming eSports space to the established sports industry.

Yahoo recently won the rights to exclusively broadcast the NFL’s first streaming-only game — between the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars — on October 25 in London. One week later, the online video game League of Legends will host its 2015 World Championship in Berlin.

For the first time ever, there will be an opportunity to compare global streaming metrics between one of the most successful sports in the world and one of the most successful eSports in the world. Those numbers could radically alter the future of sports, TV, and digital advertising because eSports represents more than just competitive video game competitions. It represents digital stars, streaming rights, the global scaling of digital content, niche and mainstream content creators and how they monetize their content.


In many ways, traditional sports are becoming more like eSports — global and digital, while eSports is becoming more like traditional sports — local and live. There are challenges that both sports and eSports will have to overcome to achieve those outcomes.

The core appeal of sports is its fulfillment of the human need for competition. eSports does the same thing. These two businesses are beginning to look a lot like each other and in some ways, can even help each other. If streaming-only sports games becomes a thing, eSports will certainly benefit. As more “sports-nevers” discover the appeal of live competitions through eSports, they may become fans of traditional sports as well.

Read Jonathan Pan’s  full article here.


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