Folks, I haven’t checked in for a minute. Namely because work has been super real as I’ve raced 100 mph toward a decision to switch companies. More on that here.

But in the midst of all of that professional upheaval, I gave some more thought to this series of post. Generally centered around me sipping or chugging wine while listening to emotional tunes about love found and love lost. Yet, I realized that romantic scenarios only represent a fraction of the feelings I find being triggered while listening to music and/or intoxicating myself.

So while sipping on what was affectionately referred to as the “jug wine” from Urban Legend Winery in Oakland, I tuned in to the latest offering from Logic. If you pay any attention to hip-hop, chances are you’ve heard his surprise internet hit album Under Pressure. But just in case you haven’t, “Upgrade” is a track from his 2015 release The Incredible True Story.


“I’ve upgraded while they’ve waited / will they love it, will they hate it / never fade it I evade it / cause I never really want to complicate it / think I’ve made it, yes I did”

Logic’s delivery contains just enough bravado to give his listeners a sampling of the boastfulness that has come to be expected in most modern rap. However, Logic couples this boldness with a heavy dose of humility and introspection. Such elements of his rap persona are documented in his ongoing battles with nicotine that get presented to listeners over the course of Under Pressure.

This wine is so charmingly low brow that it is a bit pretentious. No corks or screw on tops. It’s a battle made for reuse. Drink it all and then take it back in to fill it up. It’s imperfect, but it’s good. Good enough to serve to guests. Good enough to pair with a nice cut of beef. Good enough to keep it to yourself, if need be. Trust me.

Meanwhile, this Logic cat is young. I mean, he’s at least younger than me. But this cat seems to be hyper aware of what his fame represents and just how fleeting that fame may be. Or maybe, just maybe, that’s what I’m projecting on this this track. Maybe I’m sitting here thinking about Jigga’s line:

“People look at you strange saying you changed / like you worked that hard to stay the same”

I have changed. We all change. And with each new chapter the hope is that you move up or move forward; the hope is that you aren’t just back to where you started.

As I take another sip, I can’t help but smirk and think I’ve upgraded. And besides, even if I haven’t actually upgraded, this next glass of wine will take me to exactly where I want/need to be.

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Dontae is a tech professional living in Oakland. He's originally from LA, is sad about Kobe's retirement and gets emotional when listening to music.

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