While my friends in New York were attending the biggest Jonas Brothers concert ever, I was being nursed back to health in my Oakland apartment. I contracted some nasty bug on my flight back from Toronto, which just narrowly escaped the storm system. With no immediate plans for leaving the house, I figured I might as well indulge in the healing qualities of music and wine. Malibu from Anderson .Paak and TRAPSOUL from Bryson Tiller had already been in heavy rotation over the past week. So, I decided to scroll a bit deeper into those uncharted and largely unreliable segments of the recommended albums list beneath the fold.

And that’s where I stumbled upon Turn The Lights On from Rico Love. Yes. The same Rico Love responsible for 2014’s ratchet anthem, They Don’t Know. But I gave pause before scrolling onward. Because he is, after all, the same Rico Love responsible for penning Usher’s “There Goes My Baby”.

Rico Love

Shortly after randomizing the track playback – and halfway through my glass of wine – “Run from Me” began to creep out of my speakers. With a sound distinctly different and arguably more mature than the tracks I’d heard up to that point, I was intrigued. On the track which most certainly has one of the best impact impact to song length ratios in the history of music, Mr. Love advises a potential mate to steer clear of him.

Sitting there with a runny nose and a glass of wine, I couldn’t help but to take inventory of all of the baggage I carry with me into and out of relationships. Maybe I’ve never voiced it so explicitly or so eloquently, but I’ve definitely had the urge to tell others that a relationship with me would be likely to end in some form of disappointment. It’s natural to key in on recurring issues that have derailed past attempts at relationships and truly believe that your love history is doomed to repeat itself after the hopefulness and promise associated with meeting a new partner wears off.

I eventually finished my glass of wine. But not before replaying the track 3 or 4 more times. The lack of a resolution on the first 2 plays frustrated me beyond belief. Like, did this fool forget the put the full version of the song on his album?!?!?! However, a few more listens put it all into perspective as I sipped my wine and said to myself: Let’s see what happens next!

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