Sometimes a nice glass of white wine is all you need to wash away the world’s ills. Pinot gris to be exact. Dry, yet refreshing. Chilled, yet soul warming.

There’s nothing like the dawning of a new year to make you reflect. Not just on the past 365 days. But on life, really. Pouring over the “what ifs” in life and asking yourself if things played out properly. Not necessarily regretting, but pondering how things could’ve been different; for better or for worse.

Even during these Winter months, the crispness of a nice white wine is a reward for surviving the monotony of the workday and/or the tedious family gatherings for the holidays. And I’ve found that the musical stylings of PHOX, an indie pop band from Wisconsin that snuck up on me in early 2015, complements my beverage nicely.Phox

And one track in particular fits into this annual ritual of taking inventory of our lives and asking ourselves questions that we sometimes dread to ask. On “In Due Time” Monica Martin, the PHOX’s lead singer, tells a tale of a love she preemptively ended so not to endure a future heartbreak. She speaks of her hasty decision to end something that could’ve been great in order to avoid the potential dreaded disappointment that could come along with making one’s self vulnerable.

The track’s optimistic tone whisks you through an otherwise tragic tale. Not just the one that got away, but the one that YOU let get away. You did this. You did this to yourself. You did this to your former lover. You ended something that could’ve lasted forever.

PHOX makes music that glides softly across your ear drums. The band’s musicality mixed with Monica Martin’s sultry crooning makes for listenings that are mesmerizing. So as you take another sip, you won’t want to sit in silence after the song ends. Silence would mean that you’d have to explore analogous experiences from your life. You’ll ponder people that you’ve treated similarly and/or people that have treated you similarly. The weight would be too much for the occasion. You already have enough on your plate with weighing life changes that you have control over. Why introduce something that you can’t undo?

So instead, you press repeat a few times before moving on to another song on the band’s debut album. Then you drink to new beginnings, all the while hoping to drown out too many reminders from the past.

Happy New Year, folks!

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