Supreme has one of the strongest brands in the world right now. They can slap their notorious red box logo on anything and a frenzy will ensue. Recently they did a full wraparound cover of the New York Post tabloid and just like that, hypebeasts were scooping up all the papers at newsstands and bodegas.

“We knew that this would be a collector’s item,” said Jesse Angelo, the paper’s publisher. “Supreme is such a cool brand and we have so much affinity, to the design kinship of the logos, to being bold, and never shy, and New York-based.”

Typically the New York Post sells for $1, but by 9:30AM, it was selling for $12 on eBay. The special partnership coincided with Supreme dropping its new look book for the upcoming season. The hoopla almost resembles when Supreme and the NYC MTA partnered in 2017 to issue special metro cards with the box logo. People stood in line for hours for the chance to purchase these cards.

From a marketing perspective, Supreme is one of the best at doing a lot without doing much. They can set the street wear world on fire with a simple Instagram post or advertisement in the newspaper. This is what happens when your brand value and desirability to through the roof. In the eyes of hypebeast everywhere, any product with Supreme far surpasses its retail value, hence why the resell market is so absurd. Once a brand reaches this level, it’s like heaven.

New York Post on newsstands now. @nypost

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