Over the course of two years, Leon Bridges has gone from washing dishes in a Tex-Mex restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas to being a Grammy nominated artist. The 26 year old soul singer has had an amazing rise-to-fame story that embodies hard work, dedication, and passion. After his Tuesday night shifts, Leon Bridges would used to perform at small open mics at the Magnolia Motor Lounge where his 1960’s soul inspired sound ultimately caught the attention of producer Austin Jenkins. The two became colleagues/ friends and released Bridges’ single “Coming Home” on SoundCloud, which accumulated an impressive 13,000 plays in a week (not too shabby for an artist with no following at all). Conjuring up memories of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, Bridges’ music takes people back to the classic days where R&B made you feel something.

Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges has teamed up with website platform Squarespace to tell his unique story through a new commercial and upcoming short documentary. The commercial was directed by iconic photographer Danny Clinch and premiered during the 2016 Grammy Awards, where Bridges’ Coming Home was nominated for Best R&B Album.

Leon Bridges

The partnership between Bridges and Squarespace is fitting because he used the platform back when he was aspiring artist. Squarespace’s Chief Creative Officer David Lee says when the company learned that Bridges was a customer, they immediately wanted to share his story. “Leon has had a meteoric rise in a very short time,” says Lee. “A year ago, he was washing dishes in Fort Worth, Texas, and playing to local crowds at bars just trying to make a living. Now he’s playing to stadiums and headlining tours around the world on the biggest stage. Once we started talking to him, getting to know him better and meeting the people in his life, we realized that there was an opportunity to do something so much bigger than just an ad campaign. We want Leon’s story to inspire others to pursue their passions wholeheartedly, and we hope they share it with the world on Squarespace”. The company’s overall goal is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build their brands and businesses, so Bridges is a great endorser.  You can check out the commercial below.

Also, be sure to be on the look out for the short documentary, titled “This Is Home”, in March. It follows Bridges as he wraps up his first year of touring and returns to his hometown of Fort Worth.

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