This past Saturday, Cashmere Cat threw down an amazing set at Webster Hall during the NYC stop of his nationwide tour. Based on the number of Google results, Cashmere Cat seems like pretty introverted individual, as there isn’t much public information (i.e. interviews) on him outside of his music. Maybe he’s just a man who’s all about the music and not the fame? Maybe he’s just shy? I think all the mysteriousness surrounding Cashmere Cat made me more curious in seeing him live just to get a sense of his personality.

After grabbing some quick drinks at a nearby bar to avoid the pricey watered down ones at Webster Hall, my friends and I arrived at the dingy venue around 8:30PM. I was expecting Cashmere Cat to get on around 9:30 or 10, as he had a couple of openers on the bill, plus he was coming from Madison Square Garden where he was opening for Ariana Grande (potential surprise appearance at Webster Hall?). To my surprise, he actually graced the stage at exactly at 9PM, which coincided with our entrance into the main room after bypassing security and coat check. I guess it was a good move skipping one final round at the bar.

Cashmere Cat practically ran through his catalogue of cuts from the Wedding Bells and Mirror Maru EPs, remixes, and singles, including his latest hit “Adore” with Grande (no surprise appearance). He put on a very enjoyable set that rode varying waves of energy and impact. I love people watching during concerts, and there were many people up in the balcony raging the hell out at the high points, which was pretty funny. Most of Cashmere Cat songs lack lyrics, so the crowd hummed along with a lot of the melodies. For some reason, I find this a bit more catchy than a sing-song hook, as I’m still find myself humming “Paws” a few days after the show, but Cashmere Cat, if you want to reach epic proportions, get some lyrics laid over your tracks. He received his mot vivacious response when he dropped his “Do You…” Remix, which had (guess what) lyrics. Throughout his entire set, Cashmere Cat didn’t say a single word nor did he hype the crowd with any hand gestures. His production was also subtle. He just dropped some dope beats, while bouncing a bit as his long mangy hair floated around. At the end of the show, he revealed some of that mysterious personality of his as stepped from behind the decks to sheepishly than the crowd, gave a couple of peace signs, and walked off the stage. I guess he is a pretty introverted dude.


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