I’m really picky when it comes to following people on Instagram. I really appreciate good photography, so you need to have some interesting photos (no food pics or selfies) to convince me to tap that follow button. Instagram has developed into a strong community-building platform, as it allows you to connect with those that share similar interests and passions. Through Instagram, I try to document how I see my surroundings, and I’m really drawn to people who offer a unique perspective, especially their views of NYC.

There’s a community of NYC Instagrammers who are taking some pretty insane photos and showcasing them on the app. Deemed “urban explorers”, they convene to explore the hidden nooks of NYC, while taking some amazing photos of their adventures. It’s probably hard to find others who are daring enough to explore (who’s really brave enough to scale bridges and dangle you feet off the side of skyscrapers), but Instagram has allowed them to connect with each another. The Seeker Network put together a short doc on these urban explorers.

Check out the episode below. Maybe it’ll inspire you to do your own exploring and step up your Instagram game. Explore with caution though as it could lead you into some sticky situations (see my article on exploring the Freedom Tunnel).

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