Josh Luber is a passionate sneakerhead who searches extensively for the rarest and most exclusive pair of sneakers, ones that stop other fellow aficionados dead in the tracks and force them to stare down to Luber’s feet. His love for sneakers ultimately led him to launch Campless while working as a consultant at IBM. Campless, is a sneakerhead data company that collects, analyzes and publishes data and insights on the $6 billion secondary sneaker market. Yes, you read that right. The market for sneakers sold after retail purchase through channels like Craigslists, eBay, social media, etc., is valued in the billions. It’s a proliferating, yet disorganized, market that not many people understand. It’s driven by hype, one-upmanship, and Nike, and there’s too much money floating around before a major player capitalizes on it.  I actually made an attempt. As a former sneakerhead, I understood the market and knew that if someone created an efficient destination for sneakers, they’ll capture so much money.  I pitched it to my former employer (a major media company who owns a major sports publication), but people just didn’t get it.  Well, I guess more people are taking notice as Josh Luber recently gave a TED Talk on the sneaker resell market, and he touched on practically every single detail I tried to pitch. By intertwining data into his presentation and likening the sneaker market to stocks and illegal drugs, he engaged most of the sneaker newbs in the crowd, as seen by their bewildered expressions.

Check out Josh Luber’s Ted Talk below as it’s a great overview of this exploding industry.

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