Street/ contemporary artist RETNA is currently presenting a solo exhibition titled “Articulate & Symphonic Harmonies of the Soul”at the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery in NYC . Growing up in LA, Marquis Lewis (aka RETNA) established a prominent reputation within the city’s graffiti scene. He distinguished his work with a self-developed script that blends influence of Arabic calligraphy, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Hebrew, Blackletter, and Native American typographies. As he transitioned to become more of a “studio artist”, RETNA has  established himself as a popular name in the contemporary art world. His pieces have sold for $20k at auction and he has collaborated with brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton.

“Articulate & Symphonic Harmonies of the Soul” is a collection of important pieces from the last several years in addition to brand new work. The paintings feature a variety of mediums such as oil paint, enamel, glitter, aerosols, and acrylic paint, and in true RETNA fashion, all the pieces prominently feature his script. The exhibition is on display until March 12th.




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Rex Pham

Originally from the Bay Area, who then moved to Los Angeles, then out to New York City. NYU Stern MBA c/o 2014. Inspired by the grind of NYC to create something that has value. Lover of all things digital, culture, and brand strategy.

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