This past Saturday, the House of Vans in Brooklyn hosted a special one-night-only engagement, Metamorphosis, a collaborative art project between Brooklyn based artists Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Santtu MustonenMetamorphosis was a captivating installation that combined the elements of sight and sound. Once I entered the House of Vans, a spacious Williamsburg warehouse converted into a skate park/ event space, my attention was immediately drawn to a myriad of color and movement in the middle of the main room.

The project touted a 40-foot floating tunnel featuring kinetic light animations. The actual installation itself resembled more of a canopy than a tunnel, but the video display was still pretty impressive. With the help of light sensor technology and projection mapping, the animations correlated with electronic drum pads that were found around the base of the structure. Attendees were encouraged to play, as the beats influenced the animations to move faster and become more vivid. The visuals took inspiration from real life metamorphosis in nature: the changing light of the day, the idea of a mutation, and ever-evolving human beliefs and progress.

I thought the intermingling of colors represented somewhat of a positive chaos that stimulated a sense of creativity and energy (wow, I can’t believe I came up with such a fluffed up artistic interpretation). Honestly, I thought the visuals were a great compliment to the music. The event had also featured a full lineup of DJs throughout the night, and coupling the animations with thumping music, in addition to complimentary Goose Island beer, put me in an uplifting mood. House of Vans was open until 2AM for the night, but I only stayed until 7PM, so I wondered if the event ultimately took off. What can be greater than having a dance party underneath this large digital canopy of color? I’ve always believed that if an experience stimulated a variety of senses, the better it is, and Metamorphosis accomplished that

Sadly, Metamorphosis was on display for only one night. If you couldn’t make it check out some of the photos and video below. Stay tuned for more concerts and events at House of Vans.

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