Tumblr IRL presented a special night of art and trap music, revolving around the legendary Gucci Mane

This past Monday night, Tumblr IRL, Tumblr’s art and music initiative, hosted a special event revolving around trap music’s messiah, Gucci Mane. Taking place at the Villian event space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, “The Burrprint“, as it was deemed, featured original art that used Gucci Mane as the focal subject.

Before commenting on the art, it’s pretty intriguing to see Gucci Mane’s rise from being a rapper only known in mixtape circles in the South, to being almost a cult icon. “The Burrprint” attracted a very eclectic crowd of hood hooligans, trap kids, art aficionados, and hipsters (I hate that classification, but what else could I use?), and they all seem like legit fans. I initially questioned the validity and safety of the event, when I saw 10 NYPD officers hovering around the event space. Kinda funny how law enforcement assumes potential trouble based on the name associated with it (it’s an art show!). However, when I saw the individuals in line, my hunch totally disappeared. For a Gucci Mane event, the crowd was pretty tame. I stood behind a White girl reading a science fiction novel and a couple with cut off denim shorts contemplating if they should go to the secret Jamie XX show or stay at the “The Burrprint”. This, is the new trap. Even so, security was very thorough with its bag check and pat down.

The legend of Gucci Mane has crossed demographics, social classes, and race, as his clever drug rhymes and ridiculous ice cream face tattoo have made him a household name. And now, he’s the centerpiece of an art show. The Tumblr IRL event had some very cool pieces that spanned paintings, photos, sculptures, and even a performance artists eating a plate of cheeseburgers (reference to this photo). Even with his erratic behavior which led to his current stint in jail, Gucci has a lighthearted side to him, which is embodied in a lot of the pieces. My favorite pieces came from Gangster Doodles.

A DJ provided an appropriate art perusing soundtrack, playing Gucci Mane’s bass thumping hits. Guests had the opportunity to get temporary face tattoos which resembled the Gucci’s ice cream cone. The only thing missing was an appearance by the man himself, but due to legal reasons, this was impossible. If he actually did show up, those cops, plus a whole SWAT team would’ve been warranted.

Shoutout to Tumblr IRL for the cool event and I look forward to the next collaboration.

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