Zane Lowe is one of the most influential figures in music today, which is probably why Apple sought him out to head its new Beats 1 global radio station. Lowe gained notable recognition in broadcast radio during his 12 year stint at BBC Radio 1 in London, as his distinct style of DJing and music journalism helped him garner numerous awards. Lowe recently spoke with Noisey on his professional career, his decision to join Beats 1, and how technology and music are better integrating.

If you’re not too familiar, Beats 1 is a subscription based 24-hour radio station streamed live through the iOS Music app and iTunes. Some folks believe broadcast radio is on the demise with the popularity of streaming music like Spotify and Pandora, but Beats 1 has demonstrated that people still appreciate a quality live hosted show.  Now, instead of relying on your car or boombox, you can access radio anywhere and anytime on your mobile device. This advancement was the main reason why Zane Lowe took the Apple gig.

“It’s time for technology to really embrace the entertainment industry, and it’s time for the entertainment industry to really embrace technology. That’s why I’m here,” explains Lowe in the Noisey interview.

Check out the full spot below.

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