Interesting article by Colin Moynihan of the New York Times about Vice Media‘s move to its new office complex. The company will be taking over a warehouse space in Williamsburg, and in the process, will be displacing two music venues: Death by Audio and Glasslands. The two clubs have expressed animosity, which is a common feeling in New York as the gentrification wave is transforming the character of many neighborhoods, especially those in Brooklyn. The ironic thing is that Vice established shop in Williamsburg way back in 2001 when it was just a desolate industrial area, and has been a media outlet that went against the main stream. Now, the company has grown to a perceived value of $2.5 billion, and they’re now considered big corporate? Check out the full article here.

“Matt Conboy, a founder of Death by Audio, said, “We never received money from our landlords,” and maintained that there was “a direct connection” between the club’s departure and the arrival of Vice. He said the company had at one point been supportive of underground ventures but now was “building up their brand by selling the idea that they are connected to new, exciting cultures.”




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