Streaming TV leader Netflix has created its own bespoke typeface, following the steps of other major tech companies like Apple and Samsung. Deemed “Netflix Sans”, the clean and minimal design will serve display and functional purposes, as well as economic. By creating its own typeface, the company will actually save millions in marketing dollars because it will no longer have to pay licensing fees. Typically, fonts are created by foundries and are licensed out on an impression-based rate to be used in advertisement and promotional assets. With Netflix serving 190 countries and planning to spend $2 billion in marketing in the next year, those fees can really add up.

The streaming service formerly employed Gotham (which is a popular typeface in the entertainment industry) as its default font, but”Netflix Sans” should help differentiate its visual branding. Netflix designed the new font in partnership with Dalton Maag, a foundry that creates unique types for companies. Check out the new font design below.


New Netflix Sans


Old Font




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