Super cool creative agency/production company MATTE is excited to launch a year-long music showcase series at Brooklyn’s newest venue National Sawdust, aiming to showcase a very diverse collection of artists. Opening last October, the $16 million National Sawdust is an artist-led, non-profit venue for exploration and discovery. The former sawdust factory will be a place where emerging and established artists can share their music.

The collaborative showcase will span six events, and for the very first showcase, MATTE recruited an eclectic lineup. First, is the British-Nigerian electronic R&B artist / producer Oyinda, who Rolling Stone named one of “fifty must see acts” for Lollapalooza 2014, calling her “R&B’s best kept secret”.

Then headlining will be ethereal Parisian producer, singer and songwriter Yndi Ferreira aka Dream Koala. The 21 year old’s entrancing and ambient sound is helping him garner a growing audience within the independent music scene. Growing up, Dream Koala has always had a strong musical sense, teaching himself to play guitar and sing, As he matured, he eventually crafted his unique sound. Inspired by spirituality, space and science-fiction, his work is an ode to nature and a criticism of the modern world, and he creates immersive musical and visual universes

“When I make music it’s like as if I entered an empty room. I feel alone but I feel good. It’s like a therapy – I can put out what is inside of me, stuff that i don’t really want to talk about. I want to make people think about themselves, make them think about their choices in their life. I want to touch people minds and feelings. Perhaps their melancholia…”, explains Dream Koala. This past December, he released a three song EP titled Exodus.

The MATTE showcase featuring Dream Koala is happening Wednesday, January 27nd from 8PM-12AM The event is free with RSVP

Dream Koala


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