In an age where anybody can create content and publish it to the masses, my friend Krystal and I decided to try our hands at podcasting. We’ve already contributed a number of pieces to UNCVR through written means, so the next evolution in blogging is through recorded voice.

Krystal and I connect over music and we’ve shared a number of ramblings over certain songs and artists. Music plays an influential role in everyone’s life, as a single song can instantly trigger a memory, be it a bad breakup, a moment of accomplishment, or the best concert you’ve ever been to. With the new podcast “What Were You Listening To?”, we want to connect those life moments and topics with the music you listen to.

In the first episode, we sorta introduce ourselves and our connection, while playing some tunes. It’s our first attempt EVER at podcasts so don’t judge us too harshly, we’ll get better (we promise!)


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Rex Pham

Originally from the Bay Area, who then moved to Los Angeles, then out to New York City. NYU Stern MBA c/o 2014. Inspired by the grind of NYC to create something that has value. Lover of all things digital, culture, and brand strategy.

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