Facebook considers adding a “dislike” feature, which can improve the quality of content flooding our News Feed.


I happily applaud Facebook for finally entertaining the idea of a “dislike” button. I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown really annoyed with the social media network over the last year. It just seems that a lot of people are getting over zealous with their social posting and are just publicizing everything, especially stuff that doesn’t need to be publicized. There’s a lack of quality control, so hopefully this “dislike” feature can act as Facebook’s check and balance.

Social media is a double-edge sword. It provides us with a channel to voice individual opinions, ideas, and emotions. It also allows creatives to showcase their work to the world. Most importantly, it helps us to stay in touch with those we care about. However, this digital soapbox sometimes gives us too much of a voice.

Not everyone has a knack for creating good social content. What’s considered “good” is highly subjective, but there are things that shouldn’t even take up Internet bandwidth. A few months, I a friend posted a picture of their lunch on Facebook (which is already a strike for me because I hate food pictures), but this was no mouthwatering lunch at a 5-star Michelin restaurant, it was a Big Mac tagged with tragic hashtags like “#fatty”. I was ready to smash my iPhone on the ground, but instead, I held back my disgust and I quickly unfollowed her.

“Not every moment is a good moment,” said Mark Zuckerberg in a Q&A session on Tuesday where he revealed Facebook’s plans for a “Dislike” button.

There’s so much crap on Facebook because the people posting this crap don’t have a filter. Before I post anything on social media, I usually ask myself if anyone would actually care if I do. If the answer is “no”, it’s probably best I just keep that little tidbit to myself. We’ve become so comfortable with sharing everything that we undervalue the special moments in our lives. I hate food pictures and selfies because they’re stuff I’ll forget about one second later. I like seeing posts about major life achievements, great vacations, personal opinions, and stuff people create because these are the topics we want to remember and that should be immortalized on Facebook.

I really hope this “dislike” button results in great content on my Facebook News Feed. I’m going to be that asshole who’s not afraid to “dislike” something if it’s warranted.



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