I’m definitely one of those people who loves to make resolutions, only to lose speed by February 1st…ok who am I kidding, by January 15th. Like most plans that fail, resolutions are usually doomed because they are either not clearly defined, require a complete 180 degree change in habits, or have no way to be measured. So rather than repeat the same habit of making resolutions that won’t ever pan out, I’ve come up with a list of small life hacks, that are clearly defined, only require small tweaks to your current life, and are measurable.

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Lofty Resolution: Be Healthy

Life Hack: Meatless Mondays

“Be Healthy,” ranks pretty high on the list of the most common New Year resolutions. Pretty sure the financial forecast for Weight Watchers peaks in the month of January. It makes sense as to why “Be Healthy” is so trite. Having two of the most food laden holidays occur back to back right before the start of a new year has made its popularity inevitable. Alas, it’ also the most commonly broken resolution. Attempting to “Be healthy” usually comes with so many rules and restrictions like, “No sugar, no carbs, no eating after 7pm, no solid foods…” How can you expect to succeed, if you have to say no to so much deliciousness all the time? We are basically setting ourselves up for failure.

What if I told you that you could be healthier by just cutting something out one day a week? That something my friend, is meat. Listen, I love meat. I’m in love with the pollo, carne, and cerdo. I’ll eat it broiled, baked, fried, or dried; for every meal, morning, noon, and night. Alas, meat is the main source of saturated fat—that’s the kind of fat that raises your cholesterol, increases your risk for heart disease, and expands your waistline. Needless to say, meat is a cruel lover—kind of like Taylor Swift in “Blank Space.” And like your Taylor Swift listening habits, it wouldn’t hurt you to manage it. By cutting out meat once a week, you can reduce your saturated fat consumption by 15%. Read more about saturated fat here. Unsure of what to eat when you’re not messing with the meat? Find some quick and easy meat-less recipes here, here, here, and here.


Lofty Resolution: Become Well-Informed

Life Hack: Subscribe to Gerard Baker’s “The 10-Point”

Maybe you want to be able to contribute something more to your brunch conversations than Kardashian updates. Maybe you’re lucky enough to always be in the elevator with the head of your division, and you want to be able to say something besides “Hi.” Or just maybe you want to be that one guy who knows everything, but doesn’t have the time to read every thing. Boy do I have a solution for you. Sign-up for Gerard Baker’s “The 10-Point”. Gerard is the Editor in Chief at the Wall Street Journal. Each week day morning at around 7a.m. he sends out a round up of the top news pieces for the day. The newsletter is a great mix of both international and domestic business, politics, and social issues. It takes about 5mins to read each a.m. Not really a fan of the WSJ, the Atlantic Daily is another great option—granted, it comes out in the evening.


Lofty Resolution: Travel More

Life Hack: Become an expert on your city

Traveling is one of the easier resolutions break. Since it requires not only your diligence, but also your money and vacation days, it easily gets left by the way side. To fulfill your inner explorer I propose that you become the Amerigo Vespucci of your neighborhood. While Columbus may have been the first Italian to reach the shores of this great land; Amerigo took a closer look and identified that the area was not an extension of India as Columbus had asserted, but rather its own distinct region—a new world. For his efforts, the new world was called “The Americas,” in reference to Vespucci’s first name.

Now I ‘m not saying that if you decide to leave the shores of Manhattan and explore Queens that they’ll rename the borough after you. What I will concede is that playing tourist in your back yard can offer some of the thrills of exploring new surroundings. How often do we carve out a path to work, and never opt to explore the neighborhoods around it? Such was the case with my father this past December. My Dad thought he knew Jamaica, the island not the area of Queens, like the back of his hand. He’d spent the first 34 years of his life there, the majority of which he was a truck driver. While playing chauffeur to my road trip across the island, we discovered that there was a part of the island he had not fully explored. He was so delighted as we watched the water illuminate while we took a night cruise across the Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth. What was once a body of water he had ignored while hauling goods across the island, became one of his top five vacation experiences. So in 2016 I urge you to Vespucci your neighborhood or in other words “Vespucci that ish.” You never know what you’ll find. Vice just launched new City Guides and there’s always the handy Thrillist.

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