Kevin Durant isn’t satisfied with being one of the top basketball players on the planet, he also wants to be a business mogul. Through his simply named company, the Durant Co., the Golden State Warrior will invest in an ownership stake in the assembly-line style, fast-casual pizza brand Pieology and own some of its franchises.  There are currently 140 Pieology restaurants across the country.

“I went to one of them and saw how quickly they did it and was really impressed with the quality,” Durant told ESPN. “I just felt like, given how fast our lives are these days, we don’t want to wait for our pizza anymore.”

Previously, LeBron James also had invested in the business pizza, buying a stake and franchising Blaze, which shares a similar assembly line process to make its pies. Initially investing $1 million in 2012, it’s estimated that his stake is worth at least $35 million. Quite the ROI.

The fast-casual pizza industry is a bubbling segment, accounting for less than 1% of the total US pizza market, making it a major investment opportunity, especially when you have the popularity like James or Durant to promote their respective restaurant brands.


This latest venture is ads to Durant’s growing portfolio of over 30 companies. Pieology joins microlender Acorns. With the Warriors playing near Silicon Valley, expect Kevin Durant to get even more involved with startups throughout his basketball career and beyond.

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Rex Pham

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