Los Angeles-based artist and designer Joshua Vides presented his new exhibit titled “Reality to Idea.” this past weekend in The Seventh Letter Gallery in the Fairfax District of LA. Vides showcases his signature style of turning real life objects into flat, black and white Sharpie sketches. “Reality to Idea.”  features a transformed 1995 Acura NSX parked in the middle of space.  “The idea is to highlight the initial sketches of ideas and concepts, bringing them to life. An ode to the napkin sketch and a reminder to not throw your ideas away,” states Joshua Vides. This might his biggest object he’s repurposed as the artist put his touch on skateboards and Nike Air Jordan 1s.

The exhibition was on the small end, featuring mainly the car, cones, and racing flags, but it was still pretty cool to see how Vides revamped the NSX. Being that it was suppose to resemble a flat 2-D sketch, the car was stripped of any details or texture, almost playing a trick on the eyes. Add the layer that the entire room was desaturated to just black and white (excluding those in attendance) and it seemed like an illustration come to life. Check out some photos of  “Reality to Idea.” below.

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