Jose Cuervo new marketing campaign proclaims that “tomorrow is overrated” and that we should celebrate the present (and with their brand of tequila). It’s a “YOLO” marketing message, which is totally relevant the way tequila gets you going balls out. In conjunction with the initiative, the brand is partnering with Phantogram to host afterparties during the band’s tour.

Phantogram is currently touring the US, hitting up festivals and venues in between. With Cuervo, Phantogram will be hosting an exclusive afterparty, deemed Cuervo Night”, in Los Angeles on May 18th, a day after its show in the City of Angels. Previous afterparties took place in Atlanta and Las Vegas, where the duo of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel DJ’d. Held at No Vacancy in Hollywood, it should be a fun night of great tunes and complimentary Jose Cuervo, hopefully inspiring you to say “tomorrow is overrated”, that’s if you can remember everything the next morning. RSVP here

Check out Phantogram’s invite below.


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