I like to think that when you leave the room, the art leaves the room. Art is about your own possibilities as a human being. It’s about your own excitement, your own potential, and what you can become. It affirms your existence.
—Jeff Koons

I stopped by the new Jeff Koons exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills and was amused by the sleek and simple nuances of Koon’s iconic pieces. There was a good number on display, including the Gazing Ball series, which features a blue mirrored, hand-blown glass ball set in front of paintings, on pure white mailboxes, and on Hercules’ shoulder. Let’s not forget Koon’s iconic Balloon Dog which stands at a towering height above visitors. His work is so simple, yet makes you stare and contemplate like they were something much more complicated. The blue spheres and Balloon Dog’s shiny exterior resemble that of toys, almost inviting you to touch them and play with them, but not without being scolded by the gallery’s security guards. The Balloon Dog has sold for over $50 million in previous auctions, so they probably don’t want your dirty fingerprints tainting the art.

The Jeff Koons exhibit is on display until August 18th at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hill, CA


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Rex Pham

Originally from the Bay Area, who then moved to Los Angeles, then out to New York City. NYU Stern MBA c/o 2014. Inspired by the grind of NYC to create something that has value. Lover of all things digital, culture, and brand strategy.