It’s been interesting to see the evolution and maturation of Jeezy. I was introduced to Jeezy back in college around 2005/2006 through his classic Trap or Die mixtape. At first, I wasn’t impressed with Jeezy’s lyrical ability, as it seemed pretty remedial, but his distinct adlibs and streets stories made me pay attention. As the years past and the albums dropped, I noticed his development as an artist. The Atlanta bred trapstar put in serious work to polish his emcee skills, improving his flow, lyrics, and song composition. With each passing project, Jeezy becomes better at painting much more invigorating pictures of the streets. I respect the guy for committing himself to become a better rapper when many others become lazy when they reach success and eventually become irrelevant. Jeezy’s maturation from dope boy to the “pastor” of the streets has been intriguing (Jeezy even dropped “Young” from this moniker to symbolize his growth), and is the main reason why he’s so admired in the rap game.

The one thing that differentiates Jeezy is his ability to connect with the common fan. He might not sell the most record, have the most #1 hits, or get any major endorsement deals, but Jeezy is well respected in hip hop circles for being a real dude. I went to his show at the Highline Ballroom NYC several weeks ago, a show that celebrated the release of his newest album Church in These Streets, and I was taken away by the fans’ passion. Jeezy didn’t get on stage until 1:30-2AM. People were waiting at the Highline Ballroom since 10PM and even total exhaustion and annoyance couldn’t bottle the excitement and electricity that surged the room once Jeezy dropped his most popular songs. During the performance, Jeezy consistently showed his admiration for his fans and how he puts on for them. This connection is rare and greatly valued in the music game.

Check out Jeezy’s newest album Church in These Streets available now.





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