In my 7 months now in Los Angeles, I came to the assumption that the city doesn’t have that strong of a art scene like New York City. There are a couple cool museums (i.e. LACMA, The Broad) and some impressive street art, but LA doesn’t have the same artsy energy at the Big Apple.

A month ago, I caught glimpse of the Jason Rhoades installations online and was immediately intrigued. Rhoades was an installation artist from LA who recieved significant notoriety for his work, especially in Europe, before eventually passing at the young age of 41. The new showing was held at the Hauser & Wirth space in Downtown LA and featured six installations from Rhoades. The ones I was caught my interest were the ones featuring floating neon.

Jason Rhoades

“Tijuanatanjierchandelier” was the first installation in the front of Hauser & Wirth and was it was really amusing. It was supposed to “raise questions about consumerism in relation to disparate cultures and classes by exploring tourism in third world border towns: Tijuana, Mexico and Tangier, Morocco”. Trinkets collected from Tijuana and Tangier by Rhoades filled the room while 176 Spanish and English neon ‘pussy words’ hung above the ground. The whole thing was really random, looking like someone attic of clutter exploded, and further backed my assumptions that all artists see the world waaaaaay differently than the common citizen.

Jason Rhoades

The second neon room was deemed “My Madinah. In pursuit of my ermitage…”.  On a drive between LA and Mecca, California, Rhoades conceived the  work that featured a  loud of 240 neon signs that depict slang terms for vagina  (this seems like a common theme of the installations). I preferred this installation over the other because you could walk underneath the lights and was even encouraged to chill and bask in the neon explicitness. And more important for most people, it provide a good backdrop for your new profile pics.

Jason Rhoades

The Jason Rhoades Installations will be on display at Hauser & Wirth in Downtown LA until 5/21/17. I highly recommend checking it out.

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Rex Pham

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