Not too long ago, a 24 year old Sajeeb Saha (aka Jai Wolf) was remixing songs and posting them onto his SounCloud. After Skrillex stumbled upon a tweet containing Jai Wolf’s interpolation of his hit song “Ease My Mind”, he immediately signed and released the remix on his OWSLA label, propelling young Jai Wolf into the spotlight. Now, the former NYU student is selling out venues across the country as part of his “Somewhere In A Forest” tour. I went to his homecoming show at the Bowery Ballroom this past Saturday and it was genuinely exciting to see the young beatsmith fulfill a dream.

Jai Wolf was born in Bangladesh, but moved to the U.S. with his family when he was 1. From a young age, he had an ear for music, being classically trained on violin since he was 5 and picking up the guitar in high school. These skills helped him down the line as a progressive producer, as Jai’s sound is known for its pleasing melodies and chords. With an emphasis on crafting timeless, yet forward-driven production, Jai has quickly emerged as an artist to watch generating over 8 million plays on his SoundCloud. He released his first official single “Indian Summer” last June and within three weeks, it reached #1 on the US Spotify Viral Charts.

Witnessing Jai Wolf perform at the Bower Ballroom was like watching someone who’s having the best day ever. He was the master of ceremony for a highly energetic show, as his banging beats, as well as the vivid light show, electrified the crowd. On stage, Jai was totally in the feels as he danced and engage with the fans throughout the show. You can tell that he truly loves what he’s doing.

Jai Wolf

The crowd itself was very diverse in terms of demographic, as the Bangladeshi-American Jai seemed to have a strong Asian American fanbase. In a DJ/ producer space where White Caucasian males dominate, it’s great to see progress with an increasing amount of talented minority artists like Jai, TokimonstaZhuSweater Beats. Speaking of the crowd, I think Jai’s parents or relatives were in attendance because they were cheering and recording the performance like how parents usually do when their kid is in the spotlight. Even if they weren’t his parents, it’s the type of joy that you that as an artists hope to cultivate in people. Jai performed for about an hour, capping the show with his hit “Indian Summer” (see clip below).

Jai Wolf is touring nationally with pitstops at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Hard Summer, in addition to a headlining tour in Australia this Fall. Visit his website for the full schedule. Definitely check out his music and show if he comes to a city near you.


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