The Fader and Jagermeister are collaborating on a new marketing campaign deemed “Unlocking the Craft”. The initiative aims to add a spark of energy to the 80 year old German digestif that is closely tied to the Red Bull mixed concoction consumed by millions of undergrads everywhere. “Unlocking the Craft” recruits a surprising brand ambassador in 2 Chainz for short film where the Atlanta rapper visits the Jagermeister factory in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. 2 Chainz links up with head distiller Mr. Fritz, and global mixologist, Nils Boese for a private tour where he witnesses the process of fusing 56 complex ingredients to make Jager. The project will be unveiled on Wednesday, November 11th, but you can catch the trailer below. Also, if your in New York City, you should RSVP to the celebratory event next week, which features a performance by the new Jagermeister rep and TRU M.C.



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