We all know that the United States is in a political and social shit show at the moment, as the country is more divided than its been in a while. I’m not the one to speak on politics because I don’t have the knowledge to make educated statements (but who in politics does anyways?), but my attention is peaked whenever issues deal with the treatment of people. This made the Into Action pop-up art exhibition so riveting and moving.

Into Action is a social justice festival of art and ideas that runs from January 13-21 in Los Angeles. It features a series of  installations, performances, discussions and activist workshops designed to inspire hope, galvanize community and ignite creative engagement.

challenging times tend to produce to most provoking creative works because tense emotions compels us to express our thoughts through any means available. A pseudo bright spot to all that’s happening in the country, is that people are becoming more woke to our broken systems and are speaking up. With the help of social media, citizens can rally behind good causes and resist archaic methodologies and ignorance. Into Action is a great example of artists stepping up to speak truth to power and help us hold ourselves accountable.

Into Action was a mind opening exhibition as you can sense the frustrations behind the presented work. Artists portrayed their perspectives on topics like racism, sexism, capitalistic greed, human rights, and other social topics across various mediums and tones. I was riled up by the creativity, but also angered by all the idiots that has transformed the US from a world power to a world laughing stock. As a minority myself, I scoff at that specific segment of the majority that tries to hopelessly hold us back. You can’t fight progression. Minorities account for a good majority of the advancements, culture, and everything that’s advancing the world. But rather than let ignorance anger us, let’s just create and resist.

Into Action is something everyone should check out if you live in the LA area. It has a jam pack schedule of events during its run, so be sure to check out its website to stay up to date. Check out some snapshots of the art. You can also relief some aggression from the provoking exhibit by smashing plates.

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Rex Pham

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