Heineken is not only one of the most enjoyed beer brands in the world, it’s also one of the most recognized brands in general. That specific tint of green paired with the red star has been synonymous with the Dutch brewing company for over 150 years. However, to have a relevant and sustainable brand, one must connect with current consumers, and Heineken has accomplished this with the #Heineken100. 

With the help of agency Team EpiphanyHeineken created the #Heineken100 program to be a series of collaborations with other brands that are influencing and innovating their respective industries. The beer brand and it partner would create co-brand goods, which are then gifted out to friends, family and influencers. The first partnership happened in 2010 with a watch from Cloud 9, t-shirts from Dee & Ricky, and a sneaker from Gourmet. As years past, Heineken has worked with a number of brands including New Era, Union LA, and Public School. It’s a great strategy, as it stretches the Heineken name beyond beer by integrating its name into lifestyle and culture. This is crucial because Millennials aren’t drinking as much beer, rather choosing beer or spirits. It’s no surprise as major liquor brands spend a guapload to create an aspirational lifestyle around their spirits. The #Heineken100 is an initiative to win the younger consumers.

For the 8th edition of #Heineken100, Heineken has partnered with legendary streetwear brand BAPE on a limited edition capsule, featuring a half-zip pullover shark hoodie, a camo coach jacket, a T-shirt, and a six-pack bottle carrier. The merch posses popular BAPE design infused with that recognizable green shade. This is a major step for the#Heineken100, as this collaboration will ignite significant attention, especially young males, a desirable demographic for any alcohol company. Typically #Heineken100 products are limited to friends, family, and influencers, but the BAPE collaboration is available to consumers at a pop-up shop in New York City. Expect major demand.

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