Scent has been proven to be closely tied to emotions. Smelling something delightful (like fresh baked cookies) can produce pleasurable psychological effects: your mood improves while you’re reminded of positive memories. There’s a big reason why we spend money on nice smelling detergents, soaps, and fragrances; we want those around us to think of us favorably. Leading air freshener producer Glade invites New Yorkers to explore their emotions at the pop-up Museum of Feelings.

The Museum of Feelings presents a unique interactive experience where folks can see the connection between scent and emotions. The museum is also a cool brand activation for Glade’s new line of feelings inspired candles. The Museum of Feelings presents five colorful rooms focused on different feelings: Optimistic, Joyful, Invigorated, Exhilarated, and Calm.  Each room is also scented by Glade fragrances. Visitors can mess around with refracting lights, explore a virtual forest, and walk among the clouds. While walking through the museum, you’re kinda obligated to take in the Glade fragrances (some rooms were more powerful than others), but I did feel a but more “happy” when absorbing all the smells, lights, and whatnot. The Calm cloud room was really relaxing as you can probably just sit and let your mind clear. Before you leave the Museum of Feelings, you can snap a photo of yourself and Glade’s super futuristic “MoodLens” computers can determine your current mood.

The Museum of Feelings was a pretty cool brand activation, as it allowed people to play around in these innovative exhibits. The actual structure is special in itself, as the exterior changes color based on the mood of New York City, which is determined by local Twitter conversations in addition to local news and trends. From a marketing standpoint, Glade is generating a lot of organic promotion with the number of user generated content. There’s no way you won’t be Instagramming or Snapping your time at the Museum of Feelings.

The Museum of Feelings is located downtown in the Financial District and is open from November 24th to December 15th. Like anything free in New York, lines for Museum of Feelings can get arduously long, so I recommend that you go as early as possible (it opens at 11AM). I lined up around 1:30PM on a Saturday and had to wait 1.5 hours while the line tripled in size as the day went by. Definitely go check this out.

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