When I saw DVSN perform for the first time ever in 2016, I think shed a tear. No, I wasn’t weeping, it was only a single tear. The soulful crooning of Daniel Daley over Nineteen85’s sexy production can make a grown ass man retreat into his feels.

I was greatly excited for DVSN’s new Morning After tour celebrating their second full length album. The project was just as good as their premiere Sept. 5th and I was positive that they were going to kill every city they stopped in.

There’s just something about raw, artistic talent that’s so captivating. Music is so oversaturated nowadays by horrendous and shallow SoundCloud acts, so whenever real talent arises, it sharply cuts through the noise. However, R&B has been strong for several years now, with a number of acts, like DVSN dropping impressive projects.

The crowd at The Novo in Downtown Los Angeles was ready. You could feel it. Around 10:30 PM Couples got closer and embraced, while small congregations of girls gripped their  phones, ready to capture DVSN’s lead singer Daley entrance to the stage.

Then the dramatic strings of “Runaway”, the opening song on Morning After, began. Daley floated in from the shadows and commenced with his falsetto voice. Once the choir section hit, I had to surrender myself to the vibes. Nineteen85 managed the set from the sound booth, as the tandem practically followed Morning After’s track listing.

After a couple songs, there were short intermissions with short videos of scenes of Havana, Cuba similar to the trailers dropped leading up to the album release. Let me tell you something, DVSN is a master when it comes to song transition. For a music nerd like myself, I appreciated how the songs flowed effortlessly from one to another without ruining the current tone of the set. Even when Daley perfectly covered Usher’s “You Got It Bad”, it still felt fitting. My only gripe is that they didn’t perform their remix’s of Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” or SZA’s “Weekend”.

The set list blended both of DVSN’s albums. When it was time for “The Line”, I questioned if I can hold back that single tear as this was the song that provoked it back in 2016. This time I stayed strong. DVSN is currently on a nationwide tour. Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a ticket.



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