Looks like there’s going to be a massive battle for music festival dominance in New York City. Coachella’s organizer and producer Goldenvoice has just announced that it will be producing a new music festival called Panorama on New York City’s Randall’s Island. Set to take place July 22nd to 24th, Panorama will bring intense competition to NYC’s main summer festival Governors Ball, which usually occurs in  June.

Coachella is one of the largest music festivals in the world, with almost 200,000 attendees and gross revenues off tickets sales of $84 million. Every year, music fans highly anticipate the festival’s lineup and it usually never disappoints, featuring not only some of the biggest artists, but also many rising stars who sometimes see their careers elevate after playing Coachella.


“We look forward to bringing Panorama to New York City and introducing a new festival that showcases today’s top music acts,” said Goldenvoice Producer Mark Shulman.  “We’re committed to creating an event that will provide significant benefits to New York City with the level of experience and meticulous attention to detail for which Goldenvoice is known.”

Panorama is expected to feature major performances, art installation, and selective local food vendors. The name itself  refers to the Panorama of the City of New York, a 10,000 square-foot to-scale model of the city, hosted at the Queens Museum. However, not everyone is excited for another major music event in NYC.

Govenors Ball

It has been said that Governors Ball producers, Founders Entertainment, had petitioned the city to block Panorama from happening, accusing AEG (the world’s 2nd largest live music producer and Goldenvoice’s parent company) of pushing a small independent company out of business and out of the market. Can Panorama and Governors Ball coexist, or will this be an example of the battle between big corporate and local business? Coachella has become a very “corporate” event, shedding its once independent and underground roots for massive sponsorship dollars from brands who want to raise their cool points, in addition to be acquired by a massive entertainment company. Governors Ball on the other hand, has sort of maintained its independent and grassroots image,as it was born and bred in NYC. It doesn’t get the same shine as Coachella, but has provided great moments.

Most music fans could probably care less about the politics, as the addition of Panorama means more summertime music. Competition is sometimes good, as it helps increase the quality of the product, but with Goldenvoice’s relationships, Coachella’s brand recognition, and AEG’s dollars, will Governors Ball be able to survive?

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