Banksy is at it again with his newest exhibition Dismaland, a bemusement park in the UK

It still boggles my mind how Banksy can still remain anonymous and invisible when he’s practically the most sought after artist of the current generation. Banksy paints the massive walls in the West Banks, takes over New York City for an entire month, and people still can’t catch him. Now, he opened an elaborate, 2.5 acre amusement, actually “bemusement”,  park in England. You mean to tell me no one noticed that there was a theme park being built and was curious enough to ask around? Banksy has the best legal team in the world to issue non-disclosure agreement to anyone that he cross paths with.

Deemed “Dismaland”, Banksy describes his sinister spin on Disneyland as “a festival of art, amusements, and entry-level anarchism”, and the theme park definitely exudes that satirical political and social commentary that we expect of the artist. There’s a boat pond where all the boats are filled with models of migrants, paparazzi photographing a toppled over fairy tale carriage instead of helping, and a  carousel whose horses look like their being shipped to the slaughterhouse. This is probably not the ideal place for young children.

They are expected around 20,000 people a day at Dismaland, which might make this Banksy’s most ambitious projects yet. One of the unique things about this exhibition is that it also features 50 other international artists other than Banksy. It’s pretty cool that he’s incorporating his fellow peers, especially those with less of a household name. You would think that being a recluse like Banksy, you would have no friends, but it seems like he was able to recruit some artists to contribute to his bemusement park. If you’re able to head out to there, it’s open until September. If not, you can get a peek inside in the demoralizing park in the UK’s Channel 4 News report.


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