Streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club is up to its usual hijinks. Started by Stussy’s Social Marketing Manager, Neek Lurk, ASSC has been known to generate the most hype and promotion for its minimal garments by doing the very least. The mysteriousness behind the brand, in addition to endorsements from celebrities and social influencers have led to massive attention for all of its drops, which sell out instantly. In today’s streetwear/ hypebeast environment, you can practically sell anything with hype and limited quality, marking up t-shirts that cost $3 to print to $40 retail prices. It’s traditional economics: supply and demand.

This week, Anti Social Social Club posted a cryptic phone number on billboards around Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Supposedly when you call the 1-800-210-8565 number on the billboards, people will receive a Morse Code that contains the locations and details to the ASSC pop-up shop in LA. There’s no other information available, but pretty innovative marketing to keep people guessing.

Anti Social Social Club

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