Last week’s Alina Baraz and Galimatias show at the Mercury Lounge in New York City was a captivating concert experience. In a day where crowds at concerts and music festivals are becoming more annoying due to people’s insistence to constantly “capture the moment”, it’s great to see some artists take control and bring the focus back to the music. I find it really annoying when I’m trying to enjoy a live performance, but a phone is blocking my view. I’m sure that the first 50 photos you took are more than adequate to spam people’s news feeds and timelines. Also, is it really necessary to Snapchat the whole performance? Your crappy videos aren’t substituting the concert going experience. Don’t get me wrong; I take photos at concerts too, but I try to be respectful of the people around me and not let it deter me from watching artist perform.

At the Alina Baraz and Galimatias show, the singer and producer practically performed in the dark, as the stage was slightly illuminated by dimly lit lamps. Additionally, flash photography was banned and anyone that took any would be kicked out the venue. With these two aspects in place, nobody could get a good shot of Baraz and Galimatias, and once people realized that trying to was going to be difficult, they actually paid attention to the performance in front of them. This made for a great concert experience. I applaud Baraz and Galimatias for forcing people to detach from their phones for a bit.

Alina Baraz and Galimatias are a singer and producer duo that formed online in 2014. Baraz was an aspiring singer and discovered the Galimatias’ futuristic R&B and chill electronic beats on Soundcloud. After singing over one of the Danish’ producer’s instrumentals, Baraz caught Galimatias’ attention, and the two started to work together over email, eventually creating their Urban Flora EP. The two of them actually met for the first time earlier this year for a short nationwide tour.

Alina Baraz has such an entrancing voice. Listening to her makes you feel like you’re flouting in the clouds, and hearing her live with no “distraction” put me in a pleasant state of audio euphoria. It was such an ideal concert. There were probably only 100 people at the Mercury Lounge, which created an extremely intimate setting. It kind of felt like an open mic. Add to the fact that I could barely see anything, only enhanced my hearing abilities, making the music sound so much sweeter. Baraz and Galimatias only have 8 songs on Urban Flora, which made their entire show a bit short. However, they killed each and every cut.

Live concerts are opportunities to connect with artists and to witness their talents. It should be about the music and not about what you can post on social media. By stripping down their concert to the bare basics of performance, Baraz and Galimatias was able to showcase their work and create a deeper connection with fans. Bravo.

I was able to get a decent photo of their set

alina_baraz_ GALIMATIAS

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