The Deerupt Experience was a pop-up art and culture installation held in Downtown Los Angeles that aimed to challenge the perception of reality, as well as celebrate the launch of the new adidas Deerupt sneaker. The Brand With the 3 Stripes collaborated with visual artist to transform grid structures, which acts as the main design element on the Deerupt, into altered physical and interactive forms that guests can see, touch, and experience.

At its foundation, the grid can be, both, the simplest and most complex aspect of design. It was used in several early sneakers (i.e. adidas Marathon) in the late 1970s and early 1908s, and has evolved to the current Deerupt silhouette. The name stems from a combination of disrupt and erupt, and the minimalist model aims to redefine running shoes.

It’s interesting to see adidas position the sneaker to fall more on the artistic end with the event versus athletic performance. As a brand, adidas has tend to skew more behind lifestyle and creativity than its biggest competitor Nike, who focuses on athletic achievement. This is upheld by its “Calling All Creators” campaign.

The Deerupt Experience was curated by innovative design firm Vita Motus, which took the reigns of producing visually stimulating rooms that included lasers, lights, and mirrors. Before entering the space, a neon sign reading “Enter The Grid” greeted guests. The first room traced back to the early adidas models that inspired the Deerupt. Attendees then entered a mini-wormhole that was trippy on the eyes. The standout piece of the experience featured a performance art piece by Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine that featured frenetic lights, booming sound, and staggering movements by live performers. Ultimately, guests were teleported out of the experience through criss-crossing lasers where they could touch the Deerupt sneakers up close.

You can order the new adidas models now.


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