UNCVR (pronounced “uncover”) was launched in 2011 by founder Rex Pham as an outlet for commentary on art, music, lifestyle, culture and any other musings on his opinionated mind. The website had a simple layout, but this was during a prehistoric era when blogs and influencers were still rare breeds. Pham perused the Los Angeles social scene, documenting his experiences and offering a regular Joe’s perspective of what he soon realized was lifestyle marketing. Brands were creating experiences to win the attention and affection of consumers. Some attempts were good, some sucked, but overall, people were being blatantly or subconsciously marketed to. Pham found this fascinating.

In 2012, UNCVR uprooted to New York City where Pham pursued his MBA degree at NYU Stern to elevate his marketing proficiency. There, he was introduced to the strategic inner workings behind brands. With this knowledge, UNCVR shifted to evaluate how brands leveraged culture to market to consumers. Plus, he befriended a strong network of likeminded go-getters, some of which became UNCVR contributors who also shared their personal stories and opinions.

UNCVR has taken several iterations and hiatuses over the years, but the core essence of the website has always been how people and brands interact. For context, brands can mean many things: a product, a service, or even you. Ultimately, it’s a representation. UNCVR is here to uncover those inner workings, helping both companies and consumers build themselves.

Feel free to reach out about anything: editor@uncvr.net