UNCVR (pronounced “uncover”) is a Millennial focused media channel that allows individuals to share their personal ideas, opinions, and passions, and in turn, spread unique perspectives on modern day culture. Started in Los Angeles, but now based in New York City, UNCVR recognizes the generic linear themes found throughout mass media. To freshen up the conversation, we turn to the everyday person for insight on topics like art, music, fashion, self-identity, business, etc. Who’s better to speak on these areas than those who are passionate about them?

As a content channel, UNCVR strives to be a genuine voice that sparks discussions, trends, and positive influence. As a Millennial targeted platform, UNCVR aims to connect passionate and savvy consumers with ideas that are relevant to them. That’s how we differentiate ourselves in a crowded media space and connect with our core Millennial audience, which comprises 78% of our total audience.

UNCVR is a collaborative effort between diverse individuals. Let’s work together to redefine…everything. If you would like to contribute or share, give us a shout. We enjoy good conversation.

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Rex Pham