The year’s Armory Show took place from March 2-5 at New York City’s Pier 92 and 94, and the 22nd edition presented some very impressive collections from both new and established artists. Established in 1994, the Armory Show is one of the leading international art fairs in the US, and this year’s welcomed 205 contemporary and modern art galleries from 36 countries, as well as a record number of visitors. Thousands of serious collectors, museum representatives, families, and casual art fans flooded the event all throughout the weekend.

The Armory Show was somewhat overwhelming, in a good way, with the vast amounts of modern and contemporary collections that were on display. You could spend the entire weekend perusing around and you still might not even see all the exhibitions. I only attended one day, but that was more than enough for me, as I found myself mentally drained by the evening. You might scoff, but looking at art is a pretty tiring activity because it stimulates your brain to think creatively. Whenever you come across a painting, photograph, or sculpture, I can guarantee that a variety of ideas, stories, and emotions come to your mind. Some folks are much more complex and in-depth with their thoughts than others, but that’s what makes art so great: it encourages you to form your own unique opinions.

I consider myself to be a pretty casual art fan. I don’t dive much into the brush strokes or the history behind pieces. And sometimes, I don’t really care to decipher what the artist is trying to convey to me with his or her piece. I’m more about looking at something and letting it conjure up whatever it maybe. Maybe that’s why some renowned pieces sell for an absurd amount of money. Outside of hype and an investment opportunity, some art enthusiasts are willing to pay back bucks for something that they can hang on their wall, and every time they see it, they’re reminded of something distinct to them.


Check out some photos from the Armory Show.

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